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Workhorse Group Inc.

Chassis Built on a Tradition of Excellence

From the same line that produced the acclaimed W42 and W62 chassis, Workhorse offers the W62 and the new W88 narrower track (88″) chassis in a variety of GVWRs and Wheelbases.

Choice of Electric
Drive Trains

Workhorse’s patent-pending E-GEN™ Drive uses a combination of battery-electric power and a small internal combustion engine to increase the MPG by more than 400% on a typical delivery route. The E-100 all-electric drive train is powered by a 120kWh battery pack. Both drive trains use ultra-efficient 18650 Li-Ion cells.

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HorseFly UAV
for Parcel Delivery

Designed to help companies manage their logistics, the HorseFly electric UAV is designed to speed package delivery while cutting costs. When mated to a Workhorse electric truck, the HorseFly™ can quickly recharge from the truck’s large battery. With delivery trucks scattered within almost any region during the day, the UAV can make short flights from the vehicle, as opposed to flying from a warehouse for each delivery.