Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Powerful and Extremely Efficient

On May 3rd, 2016, UPS announced updates to 125 hybrid electric delivery trucks that extend their range and improve fuel economy as part of the company’s broader Rolling Laboratory approach.

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Workhorse CEO Steve Burns Speaks at the ACT Expo 2016

Presentation of Workhorse Electric Trucks and Truck-based Drone Delivery System. Watch the full video above.

Benefits of Workhorse Electric Vehicles

Workhorse trucks improve your competitive advantage by significantly reducing fuel expense, lowering maintenance costs, improving sustainability, and improving driver experience.

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HorseFly UAV
for Parcel Delivery

The HorseFly™ UAS is designed to speed package delivery while cutting costs. When mated to a Workhorse electric truck, the HorseFly™ can quickly recharge from the truck’s large battery. With delivery trucks scattered within almost any region during the day, the UAV can make short flights from the vehicle, as opposed to flying from a warehouse for each delivery.

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